Hair Color Services

Color Retouch Only: $35

Color and Haircut: $65

Color Retouch with Blow-Dry: $55

Color, Haircut, and Blow-Dry: $72

Full Color Only: $50

Full Color and Haircut: $75

Full Color and Style: $70

Full Color, Haircut, and Style: $80

Bleach Retouch: $40

Bleach Retouch and Toner: $65

Color, Cut, and Long Hair Blow-Dry: $83

Color Retouch and Partial Highlight: $75

Color, Partial Highlight, and Blow-Dry: $95

Color, Partial Highlight, Haircut, and Blow-Dry: $115

Color Retouch, Full Highlight, and Blow-Dry: $145

Color Retouch, Full Highlight, Haircut, and Blow-Dry: $155

Extra Batch of Color: $25